BHL_Strawberry_500The Darryl & Tracy Strawberry Christian Recovery Program

Traditional Treatment Strengthened through the Power of Christ

Our Christian recovery program is led by Christ-centered therapists and staff who are trained in addiction, spiritual, and Biblical recovery. They provide inspirational Biblical counseling within the framework of the Christian treatment program.

This powerful program focuses on each individual’s mind, body, and spiritual needs in both individual and group Christian therapy. We provide Sunday worship service, weekly Bible study, daily devotionals, and prayer during your time with us. All of the regular aspects of any successful program are also included during treatment, including medication management, evidence-based cognitive behavioral strategies, therapeutic recreation, and aftercare.

We offer inpatient treatment to individuals 18 years and older who suffer from life problems, including:

  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Mood and behavior disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety/phobias
  • Suicidal/homicidal thoughts
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Unresolved grief and loss
  • Harm to self or others
  • Obsessive-compulsive (OCD) behaviors

Christ-Centered Rehabilitation

The Darryl and Tracy Strawberry Christian Recovery Program was designed with the whole person in mind. God created each of us as a three-part being consisting of Spirit, Soul (mind, will, emotions), and Body. To experience the fullness of Christian recovery, it is imperative that each of these components of the individual is ministered to and treated, as God wants His people whole: nothing missing, nothing broken.

Each participant has an individualized Christian treatment plan that he or she will help construct, and everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from:

  • A medical director
  • Full-time chaplaincy/pastoral care and licensed Christian therapists
  • Morning devotionals
  • Groups focused on prayer and topical Bible studies
  • Christian music to settle the body and prepare the heart and mind
  • Expressive, creative therapy such as art and music therapy
  • Medical staff available 24/7 to help through symptoms and complications
  • Attention to family and relationship issues
  • Exercise and nutrition awareness
  • A peaceful, outdoor area for quiet time, reflective thought, and connection with God.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program that works to identify the root causes of compulsive and addictive behaviors. This program, based on the Beatitudes, shows how the Grace of God and personal identity in Christ are key in obtaining freedom from the chains of addiction.

Celebrate Recovery will be an integral part of the discharge planning process to help successfully transition our men and women back into society through a Christ-based support group. This group will help individuals connect with other Christians in recovery and encourage them to become active members of their local churches and communities.

Christian Aftercare

A visit with us is only the initial step toward wellness and freedom; a new beginning starts here but must continue after discharge. To that end, we begin extensive, individualized discharge planning as soon as a person enters our care. Having a strong, personalized aftercare plan is critical to continued success and lasting change.

Our extensive discharge planning includes but is not limited to:

  • Locating and arranging follow-up counseling;
  • Identifying Celebrate Recovery connections and networks;
  • 24-hour prayer lines;
  • Referral placement for transitional residential care if needed; and
  • A packet of resources and referral services compiled specifically for each individual.

Anyone willing to belong to Christ can become a new person. If you or someone you love needs a spiritually nurturing place to start a journey of recovery, please call. We are here to receive your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.